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Gap Year Abroad

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True Religion

I haven't even left the stadium. Maybe you've heard that in South America soccer is like a religion. But that's not even true, in South America soccer is the TRUE religion (most of South America anyway). Nothing unites a nation more than a soccer game. Everyone prays together, cries together, and celebrates together when their team plays. Sometimes we even take it too far and end up with ugly outcomes like Andrés Escobar's murder after his own goal in the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

I have fourteen days left before I leave and my last important deed in the States was a soccer game in Miami, Brazil vs Colombia. We (Colombia) lost 1-0, but let's not get depressing.

As far as preparations for my upcoming trip, I have to be honest and say I haven't prepared much of anything. I bought boots, and my mom has knitted some really cute winter beanies. Soon, I should start putting together all my documents and maybe contemplate the one bag or two bags dilemma I've been putting off.

Change is a'coming (;
I'm a Barça fan so I'm sure their games will transmit live in France, not so sure about the Colombia games.

This is all. Next time I check in I'll probably be in France.

Some links:

Escobar's Story

Did you watch the World Cup? If you did you probably saw the Colombia team dance it out after every goal. Wonder what song they were dancing to? This one

My parents and me.

First minutes of the game

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