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Gap Year Abroad

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So, my friends and I found a café where instead of paying for everything you order, you pay per hour of being in the café and everything else is free. Further explanation: you pay 4 euros for every hour you’re here and there’s a small kitchen where you can grab food for “free.” Needless to say, on this lovely Sunday, we’ve been here from the moment we woke up to now (7:25 pm).

This might sound like a waste of a Sunday in Paris to someone sitting on the other side of the world. “Oh my God! You live in Paris, there’s so many cool things to do, you should go out and do them!”… I can almost hear it all the way over here. Not that I don’t agree, I do. This city is full surprises at every corner. It might not be as explosive as New York City in the sense that Paris’s personality is a lot more introverted. You have the Eiffel tower that’s constantly in your face, but that’s a not surprise. Everyone expects the Eiffel tower. Paris gives you surprises in places like Belleville (a neighborhood in the northeast side of Paris with a population made up mostly by immigrants). There’s a street in Belleville that has a mesh of graffiti and other types of art and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, the city wants to demolish it in order to put in newer more “useful” buildings.

Paris is subtle. But it makes strong statements.

I’ve done some of the things that are expected. I’ve been to the Louvre, went up the Eiffel tower, took a tour on the Seine, walked around the Luxemburg gardens, went to Versailles, etc. But I have to admit that my favorite pastime here in Paris is an activity that one could say is almost ingrained in Parisian culture: sitting at cafés while reading, talking, and baby sitting drinks. The Louvre is jaw-dropping, but in my opinion the Louvre doesn’t hold any authentic Parisian culture. You hear more English than French walking while walking through the museum. Some cafés are nice, others are loud, others are quiet, others big, most are small, some are expensive… but they’re all Paris. Mostly because Paris is always hanging out there.

Best, from Anticafé.


Street in Belleville




My friends at the café (right now) <3


We've eaten all day.

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