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Welcome, Moses!!!


On February 8, 2016 the CIEE Gap Year¨Program welcomed their new little miracle: Moses Milchberg. He weighed over 100 lbs and measured at a whopping six feet and two inches!

Last semester we had two other members of the CIEE crew: Nick and Robert. Now they are off on their own adventures in New Zealand and Middlebury College respectively. At first, we thought this semester would be just us four gals...but we were pleasantly surprised with the news of a new student! His host family and Lucie, our (AMAZING) program director were both busy, so Catie, Caroline, Susan and I set out to pick him up.

On the way to the airport with big smiles:  12714189_538949682950696_1725374455_n 12696244_538949689617362_897324344_n
Our main goals before we left were to 1. stay calm and 2.Not weird him out immediately. I would say that we failed on both accounts, but that is just part of being in the #CIEE$quad. We have already dubbed him into the family as the long lost uncle who has come out of hiding and given him multiple nicknames (Moes, Mo, Mossy, Moss ball <--My personal favorite)12735710_538949696284028_1751265968_n

While I don’t want to be too hasty with opinion, I think I can safely say that all CIEE gap people welcome Moses with open arms and with his arrival, we are finally a complete team that is ready to take on the next semester in Paris! (Plus he also takes Lactaid pills...automatic bonding. I only mention this for a food restriction/sensitivity post to come in the future for all those who are wondering what it may be like) 12666284_538949692950695_684983366_n 12714365_538949702950694_1336958215_n


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do you know his name means 'milk mountain'? Makes you wonder about his ancestors!

So I am guessing back in the day there's a group of folks standing on their repective mountains and someone is saying : "hey you, rich guy, you're Goldberg now, You, the mason, you're steinberg, cold bastard you're now iceberg, you the gentleman over there hmmmm herrenberg, you with the milk mustache..........."

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