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Gap Year Abroad

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5 Cities, 8 Days

I’m pooped. I am achy and exhausted and my reflection actually scared me this morning because the circles under my eyes are so purple I thought I had paint streaked on my face. It’s also the best feeling in the world. I just spent the last eight days hopping from Hamburg to Munich and more! It was exhausting in the most invigorating way possible. Trying to share the trip through writing would never cover it all, so I’ll give some highlights from each city. Thanks to all the old and new friends along the way who made it a fantastic time! 

PLUS: I made a video from the trip created entirely from one second long snippits..I hope you enjoy!



-The LARGEST model railway in the world! It even had hidden gems like a dragon flying through Bavaria or the United States staging the moon landing on a set.

-Sasha. This is the family friend of Katie, my trusty travel companion, and also one of the nicest people I have met in Europe thus far. He made the experience 100X better EVEN IF he has the scariest hairless cats on the planet.



-The wall and all the other art we saw. Berlin has wonderful street art. That’s a fact.

-The Jewish memorials and museums. My friends and I spent five hours one day learning, mourning and discovering the history of Jews throughout European history.


Budapest (my personal favorite):

-The bathhouses!!! I love a good bath and the historic bathhouses in Budapest were almost too much to handle. Every muscle in my body felt like jello and going at night when the moonlight is shining into the water is definitely the right move.

-The spectacular views. This was such a beautiful city...I couldn’t get enough of it.


Vienna (Katie’s favorite):

-The music. Everyone knows Vienna is home to the best classical music in the world and we were lucky enough to be able to see it live! We went to a performance house where a small orchestra played crowd favorites, opera singers gave us chills and dancers made us wish we had stuck with ballet past the age of 7...or could even just sway on beat...


-The Residenz Museum. Very elaborate. Very gold. Very good.

-The food and drinks. Munich is famous for really good beer for a reason (Disclaimer: All alcohol was had responsibly, legally and while on a historic beer tour), but I can’t say the same for the schnitzel. I can live without eating veal for a long while.


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